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Well, as this web site starts to take shape we thought we would add our very own blog to it, to keep guests past, present and future informed about what we're up to at Hogg & Mitchell Apartments, and tell you what has been happening - its also the place where you will find out about any special offers and deals well before anywhere else on the web. Some returning guests are still unsure or unaware of the fact that they can book direct with us through this web site - or if they prefer via telephone - so no need to go booking on, or any of the other smaller online travel agency sites - unless of course you prefer too! 2013 was a good year for the apartments, regularly full we saw real potential in them and have already begun to add to availability by converting two more 2-bedroom units into short-term self-catering fully furnished, fully serviced, holiday and business short term rental apartments.  We'll add more photos as and when they near completion, but we are aiming to have them fully functional towards the end of March.  Well we'd better have them finished as we've already got bookings for them in April! Did we mention as well that all our existing apartments are now officially 4-star graded by NITB?  Well they are!  As of earlier this month we are now able to offer five 4-star one and two-bedroom apartments; and there is no reason to suspect that the new pair won't achieve the same grading. Keep checking back and as and when we have something valid to say we'll be adding it into the blog, for now though get and check those dates to see if we have an apartment available for you.  
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