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NITB Grading

Well another visit from our friends at NITB Quality Assurance, Gary is always welcome at Hogg & Mitchell.  Yet again we maintain our 4-star rating, not self assessed by many but a genuine assessment by quality controllers.  Looks like we'll be retaining our "high 4-star" grading across all our apartments which we are very proud of.

2014 ….A look back

Well, a little over a year ago I started working for CM Property Management, and more specifically as the focus for Hogg & Mitchell Apartments.  An awful lot has happened in that 12 months and as 2014 comes to a close I thought it might be the right time to put some of those points down on "paper". When Hogg & Mitchell's went live so to speak there were:
  • two one-bedroom apartments and one two-bedroom apartment;
  • by the end of January that very quickly expaned to two 2-bedroom apartments;
  • and grew to four 2-bedrooms at Easter 2014.
  • Ready for Halloween we added another one-bedroom apartment and another 2-bedroom!
We now have three 1-bedroom apartments and five 2-bedroom apartments!  From strength to strength. During the summer we were invited to talk on the Mark Paterson Show on BBC Radio Foyle, as a counter-point to a local B&B who was commenting on trade being down - something we most definetly could not agree with! 2014 has been a great year for us and, based on bookings already recieved for 2015 alone, 2015 is going to be an even better year. All accommodation providers rate their success on occupancy figures and we are no different:
  • Annual overall occupancy 58%
  • Seasonally adjusted (April - September) 72%
Our web site has improved enormously and now that we are integrated with our own booking engine we have been able to offer some great deals on early bookings, something we couldn't really do with our existing channel manager (although we are of course still accepting bookings through, and to name but a few). We're taking our tech side to another level in 2015 releasing our own app to support the apartments - offering information any visitor to the city would benefit from, but with additional "locked" features purely for our guests (discounts and offers for local resturants and such). We've noticed a number of guests coming back for a second, third and even fourth time - and these arent all business guests (which we've also seen a huge rise in bookings from).  We are proud of the fact that guests return, and increasingly family members and friends state that such-an-such stayed with you and recommended we try you.  We've even had three generations of the same family stay with us, on three different occassions. If our plans and forecasts for 2015 are accurate, its going to be a good year - we now have a years worth of figures to compare against, so watch this space next year!

Which did you follow?

Well the Clipper Round the World Race is back in town, and Derry-Londonderry-Doire (DLD) came in first to its home port.  Goes without saying that we were supporting her and her crew all the way, but it was a little tricky over the past week meeting and greeting guests and asking the usual "Why are you in Derry", all of them saying that they were meeting family off the various boats; ever the diplomat I tried to make them feel at home and comfortable but couldn't resist a passing final comment as I left them in their apartment ... "Well good luck on coming second"

5 reasons why choose serviced apartments over a hotel

One of the most commonly asked questions "why choose serviced apartments over a hotel" well, we'll give you 5 very good reasons why: 1.  Charged per apartment opposed to per person Most hotels you stay at will be charging a per person rate rather than a per room rate, which can be pretty pricy for a family of say 6, rather than a family of 2 or 3. This allows hotel rates to appear lower at first, but when you add your family members to the room, the bill ends up sky rocketing. 2.  Privacy and safety All apartments are managed and have reception areas with on-site managers. The purpose of these managers is to ensure that the guests have safety and security. Most apartments are also equipped with discreet entrance areas and videophone entrance facilities so you can monitor who is coming and going. This allows guests a great degree of privacy and independence. Continue reading

Apartment or Hotel?

Whats better, an apartment or hotel?  Consider this scenario: You work for a design business and need to relocate to the client’s site for a wek. Naturally, you would look for accommodation in the city. You book a room in one of the 4-star hotels in the city. You check in, and the next day, report for work. After spending the day in office, you come back to the room, exhausted. This continues for the next few days. The single room seems suffocating and impersonal. Homesickness sets in. And this affects your mental peace and thus your work. What if, instead of the impersonal hotel accommodation with just one room, you had booked a serviced apartment? A serviced apartment is a self-contained accommodation that provides all the amenities that you use at your home – basically, a home away from home. Continue reading

Why choose an apartment instead of a hotel room?

Hogg & Mitchell Apartments have carefully chosen selected apartments in Derry/Londonderry to be able to offer its clients prime locations and still maintain their outstanding value for money. Whether visiting for business or pleasure, Hogg & Mitchell apartments offer the perfect solution to your long-term and temporary accommodation needs. Offering convenient one or two bedroom apartments, Hogg & Mitchell endeavours to ensure your experience is that of a ‘home-from-home’ feeling and don’t forget the savings in costs that can be up to 30% when compared to similar standard hotels! Hogg & Mitchell apartments can offer a truly personal and highly- professional service. We specialize in providing short-stay apartments in Derry/Londonderry for leisure and business travellers who need the convenience of a hotel with all the comforts of home. Continue reading

Congratulations to the happy couple

Its not every day a bride sets off on her wedding day from Hogg & Mitchell Apartments, but thats what happened on Friday 5 April 2014. weddinghoggWhen the Maddocks family booked one of our 2-bedroom apartments for a week we had no idea initially that they were basing themselves here in preparation for their daughters wedding. We still had no idea when two other 2-bedroom apartments were booked out by the bridemaids we still had no idea! However, when we saw two wedding cars arrive outside the apartments, the bridemaids emerged and then, Mr Maddocks and his daughter looking stunning it has to be said, well, the chance of a photograph to add to the website was just too good an opportunity to miss. We've just said goodbye to the Maddocks family and wish them all the very best for the future and in particular to Katie and her husband, may they have a long happy life together.  

From strength to strength

Well, as this web site starts to take shape we thought we would add our very own blog to it, to keep guests past, present and future informed about what we're up to at Hogg & Mitchell Apartments, and tell you what has been happening - its also the place where you will find out about any special offers and deals well before anywhere else on the web. Some returning guests are still unsure or unaware of the fact that they can book direct with us through this web site - or if they prefer via telephone - so no need to go booking on, or any of the other smaller online travel agency sites - unless of course you prefer too! 2013 was a good year for the apartments, regularly full we saw real potential in them and have already begun to add to availability by converting two more 2-bedroom units into short-term self-catering fully furnished, fully serviced, holiday and business short term rental apartments.  We'll add more photos as and when they near completion, but we are aiming to have them fully functional towards the end of March.  Well we'd better have them finished as we've already got bookings for them in April! Did we mention as well that all our existing apartments are now officially 4-star graded by NITB?  Well they are!  As of earlier this month we are now able to offer five 4-star one and two-bedroom apartments; and there is no reason to suspect that the new pair won't achieve the same grading. Keep checking back and as and when we have something valid to say we'll be adding it into the blog, for now though get and check those dates to see if we have an apartment available for you.  
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