5 reasons why choose serviced apartments over a hotel

One of the most commonly asked questions “why choose serviced apartments over a hotel” well, we’ll give you 5 very good reasons why:

1.  Charged per apartment opposed to per person

Most hotels you stay at will be charging a per person rate rather than a per room rate, which can be pretty pricy for a family of say 6, rather than a family of 2 or 3. This allows hotel rates to appear lower at first, but when you add your family members to the room, the bill ends up sky rocketing.

2.  Privacy and safety

All apartments are managed and have reception areas with on-site managers. The purpose of these managers is to ensure that the guests have safety and security. Most apartments are also equipped with discreet entrance areas and videophone entrance facilities so you can monitor who is coming and going. This allows guests a great degree of privacy and independence.

3.  Stay for a short time or for a long time

With an apartment you have the option of staying one night or you can stay a few months if you need or want to. It’s easy and convenient and will satisfy your needs no matter how long you are staying.

4.  Entertain your Guests

Staying in an apartment in Derry/Londonderry, you are not restricted to having to take your guests out to keep them entertained, instead do it in the privacy of your own apartment.

5.  Having your own space

Space is always a concern when people are traveling, especially when they plan to be staying somewhere for a longer period of time. Serviced apartments allow people the luxury of staying in a spacious surrounding for a longer period of time without feeling like you are all cramped up, like you might if you were in a hotel room.