Loyalty Rewarded

Hogg & Mitchell Loyalty Rewards

Loyalty-large-symbol2We always love to see guests returning and we thought it only fair to reward them in some way, so from 1 January 2015 we’re implementing a loyalty reward scheme.

For every night you stay you receive a loyalty bonus point, accrue 8 points and you get a free night which you can take Monday to Thursday or add to another paid night (and gain another loyalty point) to use at a weekend.

We keep a record of your bookings so we’ll deduct the free night from your total price – but remember you must book direct through our web site, email or phone in order to get the free night, we cannot apply the freebie to bookings made through other online sites such as booking.com, expedia, trivago etc.

Of course the availability of apartments will always determine if you can take your free night.

Loyalty points are not transferable!